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Dog Days of Summer 2008 Photo Gallery
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Dog lovers congregate on Main Street

Hope makes an appearance

The VTSA pampered animals all afternoon!

Baron is all smiles

Ms. Duchess makes an appeal for an ear rub

This lady loves her dog!

Pug lifeguard watches over pool area

A Beagle making a fashion statement.

At high noon shade is at a premium!

Zeus tries to hustle this man for a free lunch!

A Boxer enters the beach wear competition

Dillon watches the crowd looking for a good home

A puppy learns to scratch

Ms. Duchess dances to the live music

Zeus patiently waits for someone to drop a fry

Drying off

Another beachwear contestant

Another Boxer looking for a home

A drunken sailor arrives on the scene

Golden Retriever show off his skills

More happy faces

Jada does her Jaws impersonation

Another friend of Midwest Doberman Rescue

Please don't step on me!!!

And the winners are.....

A Boxer mix puppy making an impression

Baron keeps an eye on things at the Doberman booth

Keeping an eye on the dogs

More Dobermans drop by

Ms. Holly stops by to say hi!

Cooling off!!

Boy that tenderloin sandwhich looks good!

Ms. Holly & Baron make friends

Another happy customer!

Please pass the bottled water

Ms. Sassy

Lots of vendors were at the event

We love our dog!

Captain Jack Sparrow

Dillon wonders what all the fuss is about

If you are going to learn to sit on a hot day.....

Mother & son looking on at one of dog events

Treats Unleashed on the scene making dogs happy

A dog watches the festivities from his RV

VTSA members goofing off for the photographer

Zeus settles for a kiss instead of lunch