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The Rainbow Bridge


This page is dedicated to the memory of all our Doberman friends and companions that have crossed the Rainbow Bridge

Dobe Prayer

I was standing on a hillside in a field of blowing wheat and the spirit of a Doberman was lying at my feet. He looked at me with kind dark eyes an ancient wisdom shining through and in the essence of his being I saw love there too. His mind did lock upon my heart as I stood there on that day and he told me of this story about a place so far away.

I stood upon that hillside in a field of blowing wheat and in a twinkling of a second his spirit left my feet. His tale did put my heart at ease my fears did fade away about what lay ahead of me on another distant day.

"I live among God's creatures now in the heavens of your mind, so do not grieve for me, my friend as I am with my kind. My collar is a rainbow's hue, my leash a shooting star My boundaries are the Milky Way where I sparkle from afar. There are no pens or kennels here for I am not confined but free to roam God's heavens among the Dobie kind. I nap the day on snowy clouds, gentle breezes rocking me, and dream the dream of earthlings of how it used to be. The trees are full of liver treats and tennis balls abound, Milkbones line the walkways, just waiting to be found.

There even is a ring setup the grass all lush and green, where even Rescue Dobermans become the best of breed. For we're all winners in this place we have no faults, you see. And GOD passes out blue ribbons to each one, even me.

I drink from waters laced with gold my world is beauty to behold. And wise old dogs do form my pride to amble at my very side.

At night I sleep in Angel's arms her wings protecting me and moonbeams dance about us as stardust falls on thee.

So when your life on earth is spent you stand at heaven's gate have no fear of loneliness, for here, you know I wait."
--Author Unknown--
Permission Slips, The Messages From Beyond The Rainbow Bridge.
Check out this beautiful tribute to animals and animal lovers, created by Chriss Bowman:

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June 10, 2007-January 25, 2020. Sadie came into our lives and won our Hearts over for almost 10 years. We were looking at another Dobie and I saw you Sadie surrounded by children. I remember I ask to see her and you brought her over. Mike and I knew she was the Dobie Girl for us. You Sadie helping us with our two Beautiful Boys when we brought them into the world. You Guarded their cribs and followed them everywhere. You were the most patient dog we ever had. The countless hours you were dressed in Super Hero Capes and vet visits by your Toddler doctors and everything in between. Thank you for defying the odds. When you were diagnosed with DCM we were told 6-12 months, you gave us 16. You Love our entire family and we Loved you. You and I had a very deep bond that I will never be able to replace. We Love you and will remember you always Sadie AKA Sadiekans, Kinsy, the Old Gal. Love, your Family Mom, Dad, Joe and Ryan. January 25, 2020

Zeke we can't ask you to stay any longer. We know if we asked you to stay, you would, no matter how much it hurt. But it wouldn't be fair to ask you to suffer. We are going to take on the emotional burden of loss in exchange for setting you free of pain and agony. After you cross the Rainbow Bridge you will be made whole again. There will be no more pain, and you will be restored to your prime when we adopted you. You had one last job, to get mom through the winter after dad passed away. You didn't fail! We are going to miss you so much, but are comforted knowing that you will be reunited with Dad in God's Kingdom. In the meantime we have to say goodbye and we are very saddened. There is good news, our separation is only temporary. The day will come when we are reunited. Until then, take care of Dad in heaven. He will be so happy to see you again and we know things haven't been the same since he passed. It broke our heart to watch you stand in front of his empty recliner wondering why he wasn't here anymore. You were such a blessing and were so good to us. You changed our lives forever! You were incredibly loyal and the best Dobie we could have ever hoped for. The 9 years we spent together will never be forgotten. We will miss you deeply and remember you often.

King crossed the Rainbow Bridge on March 19, 2018. This is King's story written by his Dad. King is a Blue Dobie who faced many challenges during the first half of his life and during this time King proved his resilience. At the age of 6 years he was adopted by a young couple who were first time dog owners. Upon arrival at our home King came in and made himself right at home. It was then that we knew this was the Perfect Dobie for our Family. King and Bob the Cat spent the next 9 months becoming best friends. King also had a lot of puppy in him that came out playing Hide and Seek with Bob and often he ran and crashed when chasing the tennis ball! King was the family greeter and always at the back door to Welcome everyone. King had a Love for Comfort and each day would pull every blanket and pillow off the furniture and pile them into a cozy nest for himself. The Family was offered a Great Job opportunity in California. So King, Bob and the family hit the road. King loved staying in Hotels. He had two new passions when he arrived in California. Lizard hunting and hiking, He loved the rocky hills exploring every rock and bush and then once in awhile the he would get Lucky and a lizard came his way and the chase was on. King became a Beach Dobie. His first trip to the beach a smile did not leave his face! He ran up and down the beach, chased the waves. He was a true kid at heart during these times. Lastly the most enjoyable moments with King were cuddled up on the couch on Sundays watching football. King was a constant companion and made each Sunday more Special. Two years late King got a sister Dobie Ava. We were once again back in St. Louis at Doberman Rescue . There we met Ava and drove her back home to meet her Big Brother. King taught Miss Ava everything she is the Smartest Dobie Girl! King was also her Protector! Those two loved cuddling for naps and playing tug of war! Our vet described King as the Sweetest Doberman she ever met! Baby King will be Remembered Forever and loved by his family. He was their son, companion and best friend. We love him, will never forget him, and feel joy knowing he's resting in peace.

We lost our Sweet Girl Cheyenne on November 11, 2017. She was 2 years old when she came to live with us and we were so very Lucky to have her in our family for almost 7 years. We always called her "Sweet Girl" because that was what she was. She never wanted nothing more then to be home with us and someone to have a hand on her. She also had to have something in her mouth and her Favorite was socks.. She was the Greatest sock thief of all time. She truly believed our youngest son was hers and those two had the sweetest bond I have ever witnessed. She was incredibly smart and she could read emotions and offer whatever that person needed. It was very Special to watch how a "Dog" could Love so deeply! Thank you Sweet Girl for being out Forever Friend and thank you for taking such good care of all of us for all those years. Fly high our "Sweet Sweet Girl!"

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