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Message From: Karen July 8, 2017
Well, we have some sad news. Oscar has joined his frinds over the rainbow bridge. He crossed over on June 22,2017. We miss him so so much. He really missed his Dobie brother Kingy that we lost just 1 and 1/2 months prior. We will never be able to thank Doberman rescue for helping us find Oscar. We just love Dobies with wonky ears. RIP "Oscar Boy" we will see you again someday and we will play ball. Love Mom and Dad

Message From: Karen March 19, 2013
Well, its been 5 months since we adopted "Oscar" from Mid West Doberman Rescue and we couldnt be happier. Oscar is officially a "country boy". He loves playing with his new brother "Kingston" infact that's all they do is play all day. We wanted to send a big thank you to Debbie for all your time and patience in the beginning, you are truly a special person.

Message From: Chuey January 18, 2013
I'm so happy in my new home and grateful to the Midwest Doberman Rescue folks that placed me. I love my new people.

Message From: Amy August 9, 2012
Thank you for helping us be reunited with Rocky. My girls cried yesterday when he walked in the door. Thank you for making it possible to get our baby boy back. The family is complete again :)

Message From: Nina and Jody Weatherly June 10, 2010
In August of 2004 we adopted our Dobie Cruiser. He is as play full as ever and is so cute hes a red dobie with floppy ears and a cropped tail we are so grateful to the Doberman rescue for our puppy. We love having him part of our family.

Message From: Bob June 1, 2008
Kristy and I had a fabulous time at dog days meeting all the wonderful Dobe's love them all.

Message From: (Private) August 24, 2006
Over time, we've adopted 3 Doberkids. That was the smartest decision we've made x3! They are all Certified Therapy dogs along with their other jobs that they enjoy. Adopting these Kids has brought much love, meaning and companionship to our lives!